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Create WordPress pages at an affordable price

Your ideas deserve the good website and your budget deserves rational management. Take advantage of hundreds of premium plugins and templates at an affordable price to complete your project.

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Select a subscription below with access to all products. It allows you to download any
products*Only Neve Pro Template and Allegro Woocommerce Plugin are not available as part of the subscription.
up to the maximum daily limit. The limit is renewed every day. In the case of PayPal payments, subscription renewal is automatic, for other payments, manual payments and you do not need to cancel such a subscription. If any add-on is missing, write to us and we will add it for free to your subscription if it is available.

We especially recommend our offer of accessories for: Elementor Pro. These are plugins that only extend the functionality of the plugin itself Elementor Pro. Not only all of them are available Jet accessories or plugins like Premium Addons Pro, Ultimate Addons and Essential Addons, there are a total of 40 different additions –> CHECK THE OFFER

1 month

10,16 $
  • 20 downloads per day
  • All products
  • Direct download

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54,89 $
  • 30 downloads per day
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97,84 $
  • 45 downloads per day
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A WordPress website shouldn't be expensive


No financial restrictions. We offer premium plugins and templates worth thousands of zlotys at low prices

It is time to build the website you want!

The prices of most of the offered products are PLN 9.99

Checked Files

All products available in our store are from reliable suppliers. In addition, we scan them every day with antivirus software

We have been selling WordPress plugins since 2018, gaining recognition among customers

GPL license

Allkeystore is legal. All templates and plugins offered include code under the GPL (General Public License)

Products in 100% licensed under the GPL may be used without restriction on any number of sites. More information about the legality of products and rules of their use can be found in FAQ

Frequent Updates

We understand the need to update plugins and templates on customer sites frequently

To ensure that the products are always up-to-date, we monitor changes every day, so that new versions are usually available within 2 days

New products

We are constantly adding new GPL plugins and templates to our directory. We also add products on request!

Our product base has grown significantly since 2018

If there is no product Write to us - we will try to add an offer


If you have any pre-purchase question, payment problem, or product not working as expected, or you are not satisfied with it - Write to us

We try to answer questions on the same day, and within 24 hours at the latest


On any number of pages. All templates and plugins are GPL licensed so you can use them without any limits.

Yes. Most products are updated on an ongoing basis, updates usually appear within 2-5 days from the release of a new version by the developer. More information about the update conditions for a given product can be found in the "Updates" tab. If there is no version information on the product page, it means that it updates automatically.

For standard products purchased individually or as part of packages, updates are available for an unlimited period of time (lifetime), as long as we have access to them from suppliers. In the case of subscription products, including subscriptions with access to all products from the offer, updates are available as long as the subscription is active (also in the case of products that have already been downloaded as part of the subscription).

The products come in various versions. Most versions are activation versions that do not need to be done for the product to work and are in their original form from the developer. Some products require activation in order to work and are in a version that activates automatically after installation. Please read the license terms after unpacking the files and see what conditions you can use them under.

For subscriptions, download limits per day are specified in the subscription terms. In the case of products purchased individually and not as part of a subscription, the limit is several downloads per day to eliminate abuse.

For answers to more questions, check out ours main FAQ