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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in the open source community and that WordPress and its add-ons should be available to everyone.

Unfortunately, the authors of plugins and templates do not agree to separate technical support and automatic updates from the code. There are also no regional prices and discounts for students.

We try to provide premium plugins and templates in a third way, giving up additional services to keep the price as low as possible. Thanks to this, you will get full versions of premium plugins at a very low price! We buy products directly from developers and distribute them further under the GPL license. We provide convenient semi-automatic plugin and template updates via our server. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to conveniently use products that were previously unattainable due to the price.

Our store also sells on Allegro, where we have achieved customer satisfaction through the high level of service and offers.

FAQ | Sklep z dodatkami premium WP

In the case of products in 100% based on the GPL license, on any number of pages, without any limits. Please read the license terms after unpacking the files and see what conditions you can use them under.

Yes. Most products are updated on an ongoing basis, updates usually appear within 2-5 days from the release of a new version by the developer. More information about the update conditions for a given product can be found in the "Updates" tab. If there is no version information on the product page, it means that it updates automatically.

For standard products purchased individually or as part of packages, updates are available for an unlimited period of time (lifetime), as long as we have access to them from suppliers. In the case of subscription products, including subscriptions with access to all products from the offer, updates are available as long as the subscription is active (also in the case of products that have already been downloaded as part of the subscription).

NO. If you need technical support related to the product, we encourage you to purchase the appropriate license directly from the software developer or use the services of a WordPress support freelancer. You can also take help from the WordPress community.

Please contact us if due to lack of activation all Pro functions are blocked, the template demo does not import, or there is another problem due to lack of license activation (e.g. unavailability of something) that was not mentioned in the product description.

Most plugins and templates for WordPress are licensed under the GPL (General Public License), both free and paid. This means that if we pay for them once, we can further distribute them under this license. Moreover, we only offer access to files. Developers' offers include access to automatic updates, full technical support and many other extras, which cost money.

The products come in various versions. Most versions are activation versions that do not need to be done for the product to work and are in their original form from the developer. Some products require activation in order to work and are in a version that activates automatically after installation. Please read the license terms after unpacking the files and see what conditions you can use them under.

Information on how to update can be found on our website information page.

After downloading files from our website, you can update them in any way:

– By installing them again through the WP plugins/templates panel
– Updating files by transferring them via FTP
– By transferring the zip files to FTP and unzipping them with our script (best solution)

In most cases, please ignore this information. This code is needed to activate automatic updates or to register for technical support. In some cases, it is also used to gain access to online functionalities, such as a template library in the cloud - in such a case, whenever possible, we try to inform in the offer what functions may not be available without full activation. The rest of the Pro features are then available.

Please contact us if due to lack of activation all Pro functions are blocked or there is another problem due to lack of activation, e.g. unavailability of something that was not included in the product description.

Technical support is only available from the developer through its official communication channels. Licenses with technical support and automatic updates are only available through the developer's direct distribution channel.

Yes, as long as it is under a GPL license. In that case, please write to us. If it is possible, we will issue an offer with the product on a permanent basis.

For subscriptions, download limits per day are specified in the subscription terms. In the case of products purchased individually and not as part of a subscription, the limit is several downloads per day to eliminate abuse.

This can be done with two free plugins, the first one worth installing is “Disable Admin Notices”
It allows you to hide unnecessary notifications individually. After its installation, a button in the lower right corner will appear on the message: "[Hide notification forever]". After clicking it, the message will not appear again.

The second plugin is “Toogle Admin Notices” which allows you to disable and enable all notifications about updates and activations with one click, as well as other messages. After installation, the word “Toogle Admin Notices” appears in the top bar (menu) of the WordPress admin panel page, which hides and shows all notifications when you click on it.

We recommend that you use both plugins at the same time
1) Some plugins and templates have a function that checks the hosting parameters and WP settings if they are correct. Information on whether such a function is available can be found in the documentation. If the requirements are not met, please fix them before proceeding with the next steps. 
2) Most plugins and templates do not work well with the latest PHP, please change the server version to 7.4 which is stable and try again.
3) Sometimes plugins cause errors by conflicting with something that is installed on the site, most often they are other plugins that are active. You can fix this by disabling the conflicting plug-in, or wait for the problem to be resolved in the next plug-in update, if planned. To find out what is causing the problem, make a backup of the website and database, and disable all other plugins for a while, and enable the default WordPress template, and leave only the plug-in that caused the error. If this helps, you need to turn on the other plugins one by one and check if the site is still working to find the plugin with the conflict.
4) Please try to install it on a completely new WordPress installation to rule out other sources of the problem. As a last resort, you can also try on a different hosting on a new installation to rule out hosting as the source of the problem. If we do not have other hosting, you can use the free local WAMP server: 
5) You can try to search for the error on the internet. Sometimes it happens that a new update is buggy, quite often it happens when there is a new WordPress or Woocommerce update and many plugins are no longer compatible and developers are just fixing the bugs. You can then downgrade WordPress and Woocommerce if you also have it to an older stable version and wait for plugins to be updated.
Problem with uploading the zip file of a plugin or template?
Some plugins and templates may be too large to be uploaded to the previous WP plugins or templates panel for installation or update. In this case, you can always update or install files via FTP. In order to install in WP, if we have a bug, the most common help is to change or add the following PHP parameters in the .htaccess file located in the root directory of the page. This code should be added to the beginning of the file.
php_value max_execution_time = 1600
php_value max_input_vars = 5000
php_value memory_limit = 512M
php_value post_max_size = 128M
php_value upload_max_filesize = 512M
Error like: The Link You Followed Has Expired
This problem is not related to the files we offer, but to the configuration of your server / website. Below is some sample information that may help you solve this problem. In both cases, this applies to plugins as well as templates