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Elementor Extras 33 plugins

2,79 $

Developer: Namogo

Version: 2.2.52

In stock

Elementor Extras 33 plugins

2,79 $

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Extras for Elementor – A tool for creating amazing pages

Created by a team of passionate designers, Elementor Extras allows you to create stunning and intuitive user experiences. Enrich your toolkit with unique widgets and extensions specifically designed for Elementor. This makes creating attractive forms not only exciting, but also simple. In addition to standard widgets, the offer includes extensions that revolutionize the creation process using Elementor, perfectly integrating with the controls currently used. Building on the functionalities that Elementor already offers, “Extras for Elementor” delivers innovative widgets and extensions that combine uniqueness with practicality.

Some features:

  • Create amazing post layouts
  • Nice data presentation
  • Effects for buttons
  • Eye-catching Widgets

Next to add-ons for Elementor, you will find extensions that change the way you create with Elementor, perfectly matching current tools:

  • POSTS EXTRA: Awesome post layouts. Use the Posts Extra widget to showcase your posts. Any layout, lots of functions and options at your fingertips.
  • TABLE WIDGET: Present data in a beautiful way. Create your own tables, fully customizable, responsive and sortable. Make your data stand out in an amazing way.
  • BUTTON EFFECTS: Create amazing hover effects with the Button Group widget in Elementor. Choose options that create amazing combinations.
  • TIMELINE: Time to shine. One of our most favorite widgets, Timeline allows you to showcase events, posts or products with a cool progress effect as you scroll.


  • Buttons
  • Image comparison
  • Devices
  • HTML5 video
  • Progress in circles
  • Hotspots
  • Extra Header
  • Extra Gallery
  • Gallery slider
  • Timeline
  • Text division
  • Expand
  • Covers
  • Table
  • Extra Posts


  • Sticky elements
  • Parallax elements
  • Parallax background

The plugin comes with a free plug-in that gives you access to about 2,000 free templates!


New software versions are usually available within a few days. New versions can be downloaded at downloads panel or on product pages (while logged in).

If there is no information about the current version number under the developer's name on the product page, you can check it for plugins here , and for templates here.

You can also update multiple plugins and templates with just one click! Only SSH and FTP access is required. You will find more information here.

The option of sending update requests is available only to logged in users.