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WPML All Import plugin

2,79 $

Developer: OnTheGoSystem

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WPML All Import plugin

2,79 $

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Effortlessly import multilingual content into WordPress with WPML All Import

Experience the convenience of importing multilingual content to your WordPress site with the WPML All Import plugin. This add-on is fully compatible with WP All Import and WP All Import Pro, making it easy to directly import XML or CSV files for any language through WP All Import's user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

All WPML import features

  • WooCommerce integration: Easily import both simple and variable WooCommerce products in different languages.
  • Bulk import: Quickly bulk import multilingual posts, pages, custom post types, taxonomies, media, and custom fields.
  • Seamless Interface: Use the WP All Import interface to seamlessly import multilingual content.
  • Exact Fit: combine multilingual import files to ensure that content and translations in the default language are accurately matched after import.
  • Custom prices: import products along with their translations and manually set prices for different currencies.
  • Various file formats: use XML, CSV or spreadsheet formats to import multilingual content into WordPress.

Improve your WordPress site by ensuring smooth and efficient import of multilingual content, thus reaching a wider audience and providing a more inclusive user experience.

The plugin requires WP All Import to work


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